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Highlighted Article: An Engineer’s Critique of Global Warming ‘Science’

Posted On:
Jan 23, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Climate Change


By: Burt Rutan

Date: January 2011 (old but still relevant)


An Engineer’s Critique of Global Warming ‘Science’


"Our CO2-starved Atmosphere

Note, the green life along the Nile river and the dead desert elsewhere. When co2 is greater in the atmosphere, plants need less water to thrive.

When dinosaurs roamed we had 3 to 5 times current co2 and planet was nearly all green, pole-to-pole Near catastrophe when CO2 declined to 180 ppm, since below 150 ppm plants, then animals die.

If you promote a green healthy planet, then you should lobby for a co2-fertilized atmosphere, not a co2-starved atmosphere." ...


Nile River from Space


An Engineer’s Critique of Global Warming ‘Science’