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Helpful Links

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General Links

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Climate Change

Climate change related websites that provide in depth information, news and commentary.

Websites that question popular AGW claims

NIPCC Report - Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC)

Climate Audit - Steve McIntyre’s blog

Roy Spencer Ph.D – Climatologist, author, former NASA scientist

Climate Etc. – Judith Curry “provides a forum for climate researchers, academics and technical experts from other fields, citizen scientists, and the interested public to engage in a discussion on topics related to climate science and the science-policy interface.”

Watts Up With That? – Anthony Watts “The world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change” – “created in response to the realization that very little physical site survey data exists for the entire United States Historical Climatological Network (USHCN) and Global Historical Climatological Network (GHCN) surface station records worldwide.”

CO2 Science - Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change


Websites that accept the popular AGW claims

IPCC – United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

RealClimate – “a commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalists.”

Desmog – “exists to clear the PR pollution that is clouding the science on climate change.”

Skeptical Science – “explain what peer reviewed science has to say about global warming.”

Think Progress – “We believe the best way to advance progressive values is to accurately and thoroughly report on what is happening in America and the world.”

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Energy Policy

Think Tanks Strongly in Favor of Free Markets and Against Government Intervention (links are to the energy part of the organizations website)

Heritage Foundation

American Enterprise Institute

CATO Institute

Institute for Energy Research

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Manhattan Institute

Niskanen Center

CRISIS & energy markets!


Think Tanks Moderately in Favor of Free Markets and Against Government Intervention

Brookings Institute

Resources for the Future

Council of Foreign Relations

Harvard Electricity Policy Group

Center for New American Security


Think Tanks Organizations Favoring Government Intervention

Center for American Progress

World Resources Institute

New Democrat Network

Breakthrough Institute

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Center for Economic and Policy Research