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Highlighted Article: Covid vs. Climate Modeling: Cloudy With a Chance of Politics

Posted On:
Jun 11, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Climate Change


From: Real Clear Investigations

By: Eric Felten

Date: June 4, 2020


COVID Vs. Climate Models: Cloudy With A Chance Of Politics


"COVID-19 has proved to be a crisis not only for public health but for public policy.

As credentialed experts, media commentators, and elected officials have insisted that ordinary men and women heed “the science,” the statistical models cited by scientists to predict the spread of contagion and justify the lockdown of the national economy have proven to be far off-base.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York complained this week about the “guessing business” experts had presented to him dressed up as scientific fact: “All the early national experts [said]: Here’s my projection model. Here’s my projection model,” Cuomo said. “They were all wrong. They were all wrong.”

A computer model produced by statisticians" ...


COVID Vs. Climate Models: Cloudy With A Chance Of Politics