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Fraudulent Fantasy - ORIGINAL CONTENT

Edward A. Reid Jr.
Posted On:
Jan 23, 2024 at 6:00 AM
Energy Policy, Climate Change

The UN and numerous national governments are promoting the fantasy that the global energy economy can transition to a fossil-fuel-free, all-electric everything energy economy by 2050. In this fantasy, intermittent renewable generation combined with electricity storage provides a reliable energy system at lower energy cost than the predominantly fossil fueled energy system it would replace.

This fantasy is a complete and utter fraud, since those promoting it know that the generation technology they are promoting is intermittent and that the storage that they suggest would be required to overcome this intermittency and provide a reliable energy grid is inadequate, extremely expensive and unsuitable for the application. They also know that storage batteries suitable for the application are not commercially available and might not be commercially feasible. The only current approach to long-duration storage is pumped hydro, but there are insufficient suitable sites available and there has been strong resistance to pumped hydro storage, especially run-of-river installations.

Further, the technology required to electrify some industrial processes is not commercially available and, if available, would be far more expensive than the current fossil-fueled processes. The calcining of limestone to produce cement, for example, even if it could be performed using electricity as the heat source, would require the application of carbon capture and storage systems capable of capturing 100% of the CO2  released from the limestone, significantly increasing the cost of the process.

Farming and animal husbandry have also been identified as significant sources of CO2 emissions. Some governments have suggested imposing limitations on the use of synthetic fertilizers. Others have suggested destroying large numbers of meat and dairy animals to reduce methane emissions. However, reducing the global food supply and increasing global food costs is hardly consistent with the fantasy. Famine is a cruel approach to population control. Other approaches to population control are also being considered.

The realization that replacing fossil fuels in numerous residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications would require new technology and massive investments in facilities has precipitated discussions about approaches to reducing overall demand on the energy system. These have included “herding” large portions of the population into 15-minute cities, which would reduce the need for private transportation. Others have suggested draconian travel restrictions, such as the elimination of airports suggested for the UK. Also included are transitions from eating meat to eating “veggie burgers”, laboratory produced meats and factory-grown insects. Some have even suggested an end to private ownership of anything. Again, hardly consistent with the fantasy.

Other proposals are even less palatable. One US newspaper has suggested that rolling blackouts would be acceptable if they helped reduce climate change. One source has even suggested infecting the population with Lyme disease to encourage the development of Alpha-gal Syndrome, which renders the human system allergic to meat. So far, there has been no suggestion of starting a new pandemic, though there have been suggestions of reinstituting “lockdowns” to reduce energy consumption.

Resistance to the proposed energy transition is beginning to grow as the financial burdens and losses of personal freedom become progressively more obvious.