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Independence Day 2024 - ORIGINAL CONTENT

Edward A. Reid Jr.
Posted On:
Jul 2, 2024 at 6:00 AM
Energy Policy, Climate Change

Independence Day is a celebration of those who take their independence and freedom seriously. It is a day to honor national governments which act in the interest of their citizens rather than globalists. It is a day to honor climate scientists who adhere to the scientific method rather than support the political narrative. It is a day to honor farmers who defend their right to raise their animals and crops. It is a day to honor landowners who resist industrial wind and solar installations. It is a day to honor homeowners who chose not to install heat pumps to replace their gas boilers. It is a day to honor homeowners who refuse to be test subjects for Hydrogen appliances. It is a day to honor vehicle purchasers who buy vehicles they want and need rather than those promoted by governments. It is a day to honor independence.

Globalists actively seek to convince national governments to surrender their independence and freedoms to some form of global governance, though previous experiences with such governments at a smaller scale have not ended well. Fortunately, many nations have won their independence at great cost, some only very recently, and are reluctant to concede it.

The consensed climate science community works aggressively to enforce adherence to the political climate science narrative. Fortunately, there are independent scientists and others who insist on compliance with the scientific method and publicly question those who fail to do so, despite public ridicule and efforts to destroy their careers. Richard Lindzen, John Christy, Roy Spencer, Judith Curry, Nick Lewis, Willie Soon, Roger Pielke, Steve McIntyre, Ross McKittrick and numerous others are in this category.

There are organizations working to improve understanding of climate issues, including the Heartland Institute, Clintel, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Institute for Energy Research among others. There are also numerous websites, including Watts Up With That, Real Climate Science and Junk Science.

Farmers in the UK and several countries in the EU are demonstrating against farm closures, land use restrictions, property seizures, requirements to reduce animal herds and limitations on fertilizer use which would destroy their incomes and reduce food availability.

Farmers and other landowners in the US are resisting ceding access to their land for industrial wind and solar, particularly when the energy generated would be used elsewhere.

Homeowners in the UK are resisting installing heat pumps at much higher cost to replace central heating boilers. One UK community successfully resisted acting as a test bed for replacement of natural gas with Hydrogen.

Vehicle purchasers in the UK, the EU and the US are purchasing fewer electric vehicles than their governments expected and vehicle manufacturers are reducing production rates and delaying future plans for electric vehicle expansion and battery plant construction.

As the economic pain inflicted by the transition to an energy economy based on intermittent renewable generation plus electricity storage grows, so does the resistance to the transition. Citizens have been tolerant of the transition while the costs were perceived as minor, but are becoming far less tolerant as the costs and resulting pain increase. Governments are beginning to back away from some of the more restrictive and expensive aspects of the energy transition as their citizens assert their independence.

Altruism dies when it costs.