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Highlighted Article: Sea level rise acceleration (or not)

Posted On:
Mar 29, 2018 at 7:45 AM
Climate Change

This is a multi-part series by Judith Curry posted on her blog, Climate Etc.

 “I have several clients that are interested in the issue of sea level rise, from a range of perspectives (insurance, engineers, city and regional planning, liability). I am preparing a comprehensive assessment of the topic, with a focus on sea level rise in the U.S. I will be posting draft chapters on the blog for you to critique. I am also hoping that crowdsourcing will help me identify additional resources and information.”


  1. Introduction and context
  2. The Geological Record
  3. 19th & 20th Century Observations
  4. Satellite Era Record
  5. Detection & Attribution
  6. Projections for the 21st Century


(updated 4/2/18 - added new chapter 6 link and corrrected chapter titles)