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Highlighted Article: The Democrats’ Climate Platform Belongs In Neverland

Posted On:
Sep 17, 2020 at 3:00 AM
Climate Change

From: America Out Loud

By: Dr. Jay Lehr & Tom Harris

Date: September 9, 2020

The Democrats’ Climate Platform Belongs In Neverland

"The Democratic Party has abandoned rational thought about climate change. Rather than focus on preparing for the real problems of a continually changing climate, they concentrate instead on the politically correct but scientifically impossible goal of ‘stopping climate change.’ They seem to have flown away to Neverland.

Peter Pan author J. M. Barrie tells us that Neverlands are found in the minds of children. There, with the assistance of fairy dust, Peter Pan can fly and teaches children to ignore their common sense and soar as well. Peter claims greatness, is able to feel danger when it is near and can even imagine things into existence. There is almost nothing the hero of Neverland cannot do, provided he stays childlike.

When it comes to climate change and energy, the Democrats are essentially the same. Reality for them is now more determined by what Al Gore and equally imaginative climate activists say than what real science and observational evidence actually show. That we are as yet unable to meaningfully forecast climate decades in advance, let alone control it, doesn’t matter to the Dems. They simply ignored the fact that every climate prediction the U.N. has made has turned out to be wrong. Humankind has a global thermostat, they imagine." ...


The Democrats’ Climate Platform Belongs In Neverland