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A Failure of Proof
  • 10/6/20 at 3:00 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

In the previous commentary, A Failure of Belief, I asserted that neither science nor authority should require belief, but that both should require proof. I also asserted that both science and authority had demonstrated that they did not ...

Independence Day 2020
  • 7/2/20 at 6:00 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

The people of the United States cherish their hard-won liberty and freedom. They have recently been required to temporarily relinquish a degree of that liberty and freedom in the face of a global pandemic. They have reluctantly acquiesced ...

Juxtaposition - A Tale of Two “Crises”
  • 5/5/20 at 6:00 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

Over the past year, there have been growing efforts to label climate change a “crisis” and begin dealing with it on that basis. These efforts have largely been ignored by the general public, primarily because there is no clear ...

Models and “Crises”
  • 6/30/20 at 6:00 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

Numerous professions develop and apply models to project how a process of interest to them might change in the future as the result of process maturation or the effects of external perturbations. The utility of these models is a function of...