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Democrat's Platform Up Close - 2016
  • 8/23/16 at 9:42 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

“We believe America must be running entirely on clean energy by mid-century.”

The term “clean energy” is not defined in the platform, so it is not clear whether natural gas and propane are included, which leaves ...

Solving the Climate Crisis
  • 9/8/20 at 6:00 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

The US House of Representatives Select Committee on the Climate Crisis has released Solving the Climate Crisis, The Congressional Action Plan for a Clean Energy Economy and a Healthy, Resilient, and Just America, a majority staff report ...

The Battle Lines are Drawn
  • 8/30/16 at 8:59 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

Climate change is the most politically charged scientific issue of our time. The positions of the parties are summarized from their platforms below in the direct quotations below.


Republican Party Platform 2016

Information ...