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Green Climate Funding
  • 7/18/17 at 5:58 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

Numerous US corporations have stated that they are committed to efforts to mitigate climate change. Many of these corporations encouraged President Trump to remain in the Paris Agreement, which would include maintaining / increasing funding...

Virtue Signaling When Responding to Climate Polls
  • 8/8/17 at 9:49 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

“Virtue Signaling refers to the public expression of an opinion on a given topic primarily for the purpose of displaying one’s moral superiority before a large audience to solicit their approval.”, Know Your Meme


“It’s the Law of the Land” – UN Agencies Recognizing the Palestinian Authority
  • 8/29/17 at 6:33 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

The United States Congress passed legislation in 1990 (Public Law 101-106) and 1994 (Public Law 103-236) prohibiting funding for United Nations “specialized agencies” and “affiliated organizations”. This legislation ...