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Alternative Approaches - ORIGINAL CONTENT
  • 8/23/22 at 7:00 AM
  • Energy Policy,Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

There are fundamentally two approaches to the adoption of new technology. The more common approach has been to introduce and market the product, process, or service embodying the new technology and allow the market to adopt the new ...

Cost / Benefit Analysis in the Regulatory Process
  • 9/5/17 at 6:15 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

The US federal government has taken numerous actions to require cost / benefit analyses, or cost effectiveness analyses, regarding federal rulemaking activities. The intent of these actions is to assure that the rulemaking activities ...

EPA Endangerment Finding
  • 5/9/17 at 7:07 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

Several commentators have identified rescission or substantial revision of the 2009 EPA Endangerment Finding regarding CO2 and other “greenhouse gases” as the key to achieving the Trump Administration’s environmental ...

Head-On Collision - ORIGINAL CONTENT
  • 5/21/24 at 6:00 AM
  • Energy Policy,Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

The US energy industry is subject to intense regulation and oversight at both the federal and state levels. Federal regulation is provided by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). National oversight of the electric energy ...

Hyperbolic Reaction to Trump’s Executive Order
  • 5/16/17 at 8:04 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

The general reaction of the consensed climate science community, the environmentalist community, the progressive political class, and the “mainstream” media to the Trump Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Energy ...