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Climate Models?
  • 4/30/19 at 6:00 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

Our understanding of global warming and cooling is based on both paleoclimatic analysis and instrumental data. Our understanding of climate change is based on observations of temperatures, sea level changes, hurricane and tornado frequency ...

  • 8/11/20 at 3:00 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid
  • factual: of or relating to facts; restricted to or based on fact (Merriam-Webster)
  • nonfactual: not relating to, concerned with or based on facts (Merriam-Webster)
  • counterfactual: contrary to fact (Merriam-Webster)
  • deceptive: tending or...

ISO Damage Standard
  • 7/30/19 at 6:00 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

The International Organization for Standards (ISO) promulgates a broad range of standards developed by one or more of its 163 national members and agreed to by the membership. Companies globally are encouraged to adopt these standards in ...

Weather and Climate
  • 10/15/19 at 6:00 AM
  • Climate Change
  • Ed Reid

Weather changes on all time scales. Some weather changes are predictable in general terms: summer will be relatively warm; winter will be relatively cool. This change occurs every year, driven by the seasonal change in the angle of ...